About company

We are Foxyco Digital s.r.o., a company behind the Foxyco brand.

The objective of our mission is to bring you all the juggling equipment you are going to love! We know what we are talking about as we are all jugglers and it has been an unsatisfactory supply of existing products which brought all of us here. That is why we have started our own research and development and want to offer you the results of it right now!

We are not only making equipment for you but also juggling festival Juggling @ Bystřicewhere you can meet us live and try out our stuff.

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Our team

Vojtěch Vladyka
  • co-founder
  • dreamer and company compass
  • firmware, software and electronics developer
  • responsible for manufacturing
  • diabolo player
Jan Žlebek
  • co-founder
  • software and firmware developer
  • responsible for quality assurance
Martn Švanda
  • co-founder
  • web developer
  • yet another dreamer forcing Vojta jumping thru hoops
  • juggler - passing ♥
Zdeněk Pospíšil
  • tester
  • diabolista a buugengista