FoxyBuugeng Natur

Another product made by Foxyco! Stylish buugengs you yourself can customize and create your very own style!

You must have it!

Pimp my BUUGENG!

Are you bored by letting companies dictate how YOUR buugeng should look like? Alright! Our buugengs are completely bare, so You can tune them as you like! Because of that we decided to get rid of any surface treatment and letting You and Your style decide it.

You can paint them, you can tag them with markers, put stickers on it, you can even set them on fire (but they will burn down, well, it’s plywood ehm…), it’s just up to you!

Buugengs are precisely laser cut from beech plywood and handmade cleaned up with love. Thanks to that all the edges are burr-free and slightly rounded.

As durable as Nokia

We spent a lot of effort to make our buugengs as durable as possible. It was achieved through gluing two halves of each buugeng together the way that each half was cut from the perpendicular wood fibres, thus the resulting buugeng doesn’t have that usual weak point. Thanks to that we could lighten them through the triangular holes without losing any durability.

We didn’t want to make any compromises to the junction strength, so we used four neodymium magnets. Thanks to that your buggeng will never unintentionally split.


Total weight317 g
Total length730 mm
Total height290 mm
Part width10 mm
Length of the part407 mm
Height of the part260 mm
Handle size120 × 30 × 20 mm
MaterialBeech plywood
Junction mechanismmagnetic

Package contents

  • 2 pieces of Buugengs as shown in the picture

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