FoxyFans Natur

The first product made by Foxyco! The juggling fans, designed primarily to fit your own juggling style.

You want that!

Pimp my FAN!

Are you tired of companies dictating how YOUR fan should look like? Alright! Our fans are completely bare so you can customize them the way you like! Because of that we decided to get rid of any surface treatment and let You and Your style enjoy the last touch.

You can paint them, tag them with markers, put stickers on them, you can even set them on fire (but they will burn down as well, it’s plywood ehm…), but that’s just up to you!

Example of possible customisation, not representing an actual look of the product.

Fans are precisely laser cut from beech plywood and handmade finished with love. Thanks to that all the edges are burr-free and slightly rounded.

Unique handle design

Thanks to the close cooperation with the juggling group Knock Knock, we were able to fine-tune the handles to the users’ complete happiness. They are designed to support multiple different holding styles and we firmly believe that you will fall in love with them the same way we did.


Weight283 g/pc
Length340 mm
Width490 mm
Thickness8 mm
MaterialBeech plywood

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