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Smooth FoxyBuugeng Natur


We produced nice wooden buugeng, presented it to jugglers, collected their feedback and produced another - even better - smoother, more refined, fine tuned piece - your new buugeng! Ride the Triangle!

3 in stock


Photography by @Celeste Veurman from @Capture my Spirit Website:
Photography by @Celeste Veurman from @Capture my Spirit Website:


But we told ourselves - it can be better. And then we did it!

Photography by @Celeste Veurman from @Capture my Spirit Website:
Photography by @Celeste Veurman from @Capture my Spirit Website:

Sure, anybody can say it's better but it's about what we changed exactly. konkrétně:

  • Every buugeng is going thru our hands at least 10 times before we send it to you. We are looking for any imperfections, refining it to its final shape.
  • If you know our buugengs, you can remember magnets falling out. Not anymore! Unless you break our buggeng to pieces, those magnets are staying in by courtesy of mechanics.
  • Talking about breaking apart, we select our plywood to match our standard so it can hold to your pace.
  • Forgot your stuff in wet grass on summer fest? So what? We apply our buugeng with transparent wet-resistant staining allowing wood staying natural but keeping wet outside.
  • And handle, oh yes, the handle. It's love on first sight to any S-staffer. Doesn't matter to us if you are petite girl or huge guy or anything in between, our handle is fine for all of you.
  • Last but not least, notches keeping buugeng together were taken care of as well with extra dose of glue.


All and all, this is buugeng you want to have. No matter if you are festival star or instagram maniac, you can always showcase your art with our hypnotizing triangles and let your audience gasps in wonder.

“Jsem unikát, stejně jako můj buugeng”

Last bit to tell you is this: we kept all benefits of our original buggeng.:

  • Every foxybuugeng is unique. It's up to you what coat you give to it from paint to stickers, you are in charge of your style.
  • We changed weight a bit, now it has 297g but all good stuff is still there.
  • And for completeness sake, this thing is of course foldable and newly also symmetrical. We want our stuff to be not only great for juggling but also good to carry around.

P.S. We are just launching first numbered series so don't wait!

Our buugengs are laser cut from beech plywood, hand finished with love.

Photography by @Celeste Veurman from @Capture my Spirit Website:
Photography by @Celeste Veurman from @Capture my Spirit Website:


Price is per pair but we can send you singles as well, just let us know.

Additional information


beech plywood

joint mechanism

magnetic notch interlock




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