Foxypoi Px

Foxypoi Px is the first sparrow of next generation of the light show equipment!Meet these captivating colours in 144 pixels, perfectly synchronised with your show!

Foxypoi Px are graphic poi, which means that they are drawing pictures in the air when moving thanks to the optical illusion called “Persistence of vision effect”.

Perfect drawing

Our poi can show pictures with resolution up to 144 pixels and theoretically, any length (as long as it fits into memory). Display speed is adaptable, so your pictures always appear the way you intend them to.

Endurance of a marathon runner

I bet it happened to all of us – when you wanted to spin them the whole night, graphic poi couldn’t keep up. Well, prepare for change because our Foxypoi Px can run for 40 minutes of the show or up to 4 hours in a party mode!

Flexible as bamboo

Our core design idea was to make them as durable as possible, so we let eventually, we let ourselves be inspired by nature and made pixel segments to look like bamboo stems. Thanks to that, the poi are extremely flexible and not expected to break on impact!

Body itself is made of poly-carbonate plastic with caps made of carbon enforced nylon. That is our definition of durability.

Comfortable transportation sleeve

Who wants clumsy cases when you can have a sleeve which protects poi from scratches and as a bonus has a useful pocket for necessities?!

What’s in the box?

  • pair of Foxypoi Px
  • charger
  • 2 micro USB cables
  • sleeve
  • manual


Resolution144 px
Amount of LEDs288 LEDs
Body length50 cm
Total length with strap65 cm
Imaging area length34 cm
Weight of one poi202 g
Battery run time~60 minutes
depends on the shown graphics
Drawing speedup to 4000 lines per second
Colour depth29 bits

To the store?

Not yet, Tim. We have high quality standards and therefore we test our products heavily before releasing them to public. But don’t worry, we will let you know about any changes, just make sure you follow us on Facebook or Instagram.